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Where’s is your working zone?

Our office is located in Ancona, Italy, we make films all over Italy, but also beyond national borders, in Switzerland, Spain (we speak the Spanish language correctly), Argentine, south and central America, our members are ANV (Associazione Nazionale Videografi), WEVA (Worldwide Event Videographers Association) and Insipration Photographer.

What features your films?

Our films document what actually happens, using a cinematic language that make it a real movie whit quality comparable to 35mm of the film. But a product called “Wedding Cinema” must have specific characteristics, telling a story through a filmc syntax that follows an audiovisual language.

We valorize the original sound to convey the emotion and the real feeling, creating all the conditions of a film production senior.

How do you work during the shot?

Discretion is what we care the most, because we believe that the wedding is the celebration of the couple and we’re there to document what happens and not to interfare on the day’s events.

We like to stay at the edge of the scene in order to capture the moments of greatest emotion and real expression, if we aren’t seen it’s more spontaneous than when the camera is in front of you.

Our conviction is that the equipment doesn’t make a better film (used in the best way surely helps) but the ideas that you have in setting and recording.We specify that our images are characterized by a cinematic cut, as well as the color rendering which differs a lot compared to the video footage with cameras. We typically use 2 operators, according to the technical and logistical requirements, equipped with HDSRL in Full HD with different cinematic opticals.

All our highly advanced equipment allows us to work without additional lighting, that will be used only in extreme cases. The work style is the Wedding Reportage so there will be no indications on command, but we’ll report only what really happens and in the greatest possible discertion.

What includes the video service?

The Editing provides the realization of a Wedding Story summed up in 3/5 minutes and the Wedding Film that lasts in 15/20 minutes according on the day’s events.

What features the Wedding Film?

In this type of editing you go beyond the traditional understanding of a wedding film. The images of the main events will be reported in a engaging and exciting way combining them to an original soundtrack selected for the occasion. The film doesn’t necessarily follow a chronological order of the day, but they are set according to a programmed story telling, since that it can tell a particularly story.

What’s the option “Wedding Same Day Edit”?

Whit the option “Same Day Edit” the video editor realizes the wedding trailer, editing during the reception, in way to be able to show to friends and family immediately at the end of the day (generally used for weddings taking placein Southern Italy where the reception lasts longer than other areas).

What’s the option “Save the Date”?

The “Save the Date” is a short video made before the wedding, very popular in the rest of Europe and the World, used by the couple as a video invitation to the wedding.

In which format do you deliver films?

We deliver all of our work in DIGITAL DOWNLOAD with a highly innovative system that will allow you, our clients, to have a copy of your film always available on a dedicated server where you will access your personal username and password. This free form account will remain available to you over the years so you have a copy of the movie that will remain in time. You will also have the opportunity to watch it and share it online, on any device you want, even on Aplle Tv wherever you are. The movie will be presented online with an interactive menu (similar to Blu Ray Disk) and you can download it completely on your computer or insert it on a USB key (to view it with interactive menu) or download individual video files Inserting them on a USB key can be played on common Led TVs while maintaining the highest quality in Full HD. Any request for delivery on Blu Ray Disc or DVD video is also optional.

How much for video service?

For the films realized in other countries it’s applied a transfer rate according to belonging Region that includes the trip and an eventual overnight stay. According to your wishes and needs we’ll make the best personalized quote. Request us the coupons of any discounts and special offers (by sending an e-mail) or get an online estimate and request availability date. The subscribe at the Wedding Film Contract is also available directly online. Our films are recorded by qualified operators with advanced equipment, soundtracks are original and licensed.

How should i pay the Wedding Cinema?

-1/3 as a deposit on booking after signing the contract;

-1/3 as advance expenses, the day of the ceremony or by bank transfer 5 days before the event;

-1/3 as balance on delivery.

Do you have the rights for the music sync?

Soundtracks of Wedding Films must respect the sync rights, otherwise it would constituite a violation of the economic exploitation rights, articles 18 and 61 of the copyright law. Law no. 248/2000 “ New rules of protection of Copyright”, staes that on support like CD, DVD or Blue-Ray, containig sounds, voices and images in movement, including those protected by the copyright law, must bear a mark. The task of applying the mark is entrusted to the S.I.A.E. by the same law. The S.I.A.E. Has made available a list of music for the ceremony services at arate of 16,50 for each recorded support with its relative label identification. Unfortunately, the type of music selected from them isn’t up to do a worthy work, for this reason the Daniele Donati Films will leans to the “”, “ART-LIST” and “” for music sync license. Of course this means that all the themes not included in “”’s sync rights will not be included in the soundtracks of films in question.

Do you make also photo shoot?

We think that to get the best of any type of service you should rely on professional figures that are specialized in their sector, so having made a specific choice to produce high-quality films (even though we have all the equipment and necessary qualifications for photografy) we don’t realize wedding pictures, but if necessary we rely on offices specialized in Wedding Photography, which guarantee maximum reliablility and quality. However the work of some photographers may adversely affect the making of the film, so it’s always better let we know the name of the chosen photographer so we can evaluate if he’s compatible with the way we work. For a better result the photographer MUSTN’T use Flash, MUSTN’T use additional lighting (in Church), he MUST be professional and MUST have the discretion that certain moments require and respect for other professionals working at the wedding. Contact us for more informations.